The LeeRoy Sagas – Episode 6



(continued from: The LeeRoy Sagas, Episode 5“:




LeeRoy lost ground while we were away on vacation in Ocean City in September. When we got back and unloaded the car it was toward his evening feeding time. I was excited to see him again and feed him. But when I went outside with his food and treats, he wouldn’t come to the food and he wouldn’t eat treats from my hand. I had to break off pieces and toss them 5 or 6 feet from me and he would eat them off the ground. He stopped eating from my hand. This went on for several days. Finally, one day, he began eating them from my had again. After I had been back a week or so, he was back to his old self (whatever that is).


LeeRoy kind of grows on you. I found myself wondering what he was doing, where he was laying. He would lay in the garden most of the time. That’s why he’s known around these parts as “LeeRoy the Garden Dog.” But sometimes the sun gets too strong so you’ll find him across the lawn under one of the Maple trees. He always situates himself so that he can keep a sharp eye on all activity and human movements. He won’t let anyone get in a position that they might sneak up on him.


A couple of times, I noticed that he would skip a meal. At those times I was worried about him being sick. But within a day or two he was fine. Fine is running to meal times. Happy to get his treats and eat his food. When I say “happy” I need to explain. It’s really hard to know whether LeeRoy is really happy or not because he NEVER wags his tail, not for ANY reason. But he does gallop. When I see him gallop for his food, I assume that means he’s happy. Brown and black fur, with a white curly tail romping toward me (he kinda looks like a dwarf deer when he runs through the field). Hope he stays out of the woods during hunting season. Perhaps I should put up some signs in our fields that say “Beware of Dog that looks like a Deer.” OR “Beware of Deer-looking Akita Inu!” OR “Don’t Shoot Dog!” Be certain that your deer has antlers (in small print). For morons, I could paint “DOG” in florescent paint on LeeRoy’s side . . . One problem though . . . I’d have to catch him. Nah. Not going to happen!


So the latest . . . LeeRoy got caught . . . With his face on Facebook. I found out. He was sneaking around. First he starts a fan page. THEN to top it off, he opens a Twitter account. Can you believe it? His own Twitter account. Now, when I want to know something, I have to follow his FB comments or track him on Twitter. Unreal. But before I go.


What do you think? Should I put some kind of old barrel or something out near the garden for him to get into if it snows? Or should we just let him continue to use his pine tree? I’m serious . . . Let’s have some opinions. Kids, you too, I need help here. What should I do?


So that’s not the most amazing thing. The most amazing thing is what I’m going to share in Episode 7 this coming week. I think it’s going to be one of the most

interesting adventures that “LeeRoy the Garden Dog” has had since I’ve known him.

What amazing thing did LeeRoy discover on Twitter?

GO TO Episode 7.

2 responses

  1. Hi David- I would be happy to talk to you and see if I can be of any help! Please call me or write me when you have time: Ryan Barney


  2. Barbara Cramer | Reply

    No hints. I rescue cats – have 3 ferals. Took the mom about 5 years to let me touch her. Now, only I, can pet her. Her babies (which are now 4) let me pick them up. Hope Leroy doesn’t take as long but gets some shelter in your house with March before next winter.


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